"The ultimate aim of education is to enable individuals to become the architects of their own education and through that process to continually reinvent themselves." --- Elliot Eisner
"Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty." -- Albert Eistein

LecturerTime Series Econometrics (graduate)Higher School of Economics, Moscow2014 - ...
LecturerTime Series and Panel Data Econometrics (undergraduate)Higher School of Economics, Moscow2013 - ...
LecturerApplied Time Series Econometrics (udergraduate)Higher School of Economics, Moscow2013 - ...
Teaching AssistantTime Series Econometrics (PhD) by Prof. H. LütkepohlEuropean University Institute, Florence2010
Visiting InstructorStatistics and Econometrics (undergraduate)Higher School of Economics, Moscow2008
Visiting LecturerThirty four extensive short courses on Econometrics and Game Theory (undergraduate and graduate)Twenty five universities in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia2005 - 2008
Visiting Lecturer
Statistics and Econometrics (graduate),
Categorical Dependent Variables (graduate)
Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv2004
Teaching Assistant
Statistics for Business Strategy (undergraduate), 
Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate)
University of Iowa, Iowa City2000 - 2003